The Club has a team of 12 volunteer Welfare Officers, each responsible for a postcode area of our district. A grid showing full information is included in Club Newsletters and is also shown below. Every member of the Club should be able to identify their allocated Welfare Officer by reference to this grid. If any member has a problem where it is thought the Club may be of assistance the first point of contact is the appropriate Welfare Officer.


If any Club member cannot identify who their Welfare Officer is then they should contact the Welfare Chairman (01925 754119 or email: fcolinfuller@aol.com) following which the necessary information will be provided. 


Our Welfare Network operates on a reactive basis whereby Welfare Officers will not necessarily initiate contact with members unless there is good reason to do so. Members should be assured that if help is required it will be readily available and we will do what we can to assist.





Area No

Welfare Officer

Tel Number

E-mail address

All BB


Don Fraser-Clark

01200 428053


All BL


David Houghton

01204 300661


CW1 to CW7


Mrs Jane Kaye

01606 834055


CW8 to CW12


Mrs Pauline Molyneux

01565 722080


M1 to M28


Mrs Hilda Ince

0161 794 7309


M29 to M46


Surendra (“SL”) Patel

0161 682 5339


All OL


Ian Ashworth

07927 693001


SK1 to SK7


Rodney Dean

0161 456 7135


SK8 to SK9


John Neary

0161 304 9327


SK10 to SK23


Ian Hammond

01625 877412


WA1 to WA15


Colin Fuller

01925 754119


All WA16


Michael Horwood

01925 755362


WN1 to WN8


Colin Fuller

01925 754119




Help us to help you


The Club continues to rely very much on its network of Welfare Officers together with all retired staff for the early receipt of information regarding changes in circumstances of its members. Any changes of addresses, etc. should be advised to either the Hon. Secretary or Welfare Chairman so that the database may be kept up to date. Other changes are important too, such as a member becoming seriously ill or having major financial difficulties. In many instances we are able to provide some form of support but, unless we know about it, we can do nothing. Please help us to assist members wherever we can.



Christmas and Other Grants


Connection magazine periodically describes in some detail the work of Bank Workers Charity (BWC) and the availability of Christmas and other Grants for those in need. Certain criteria must be met but if you feel that you might qualify and would like to be considered for a grant please either contact the number shown in connection or telephone or email the Welfare Chairman for further information. Please do not delay if you would like to make an application since a fairly tight timescale is usually involved



Welfare Chairman:


Colin Fuller           Tel: 01925 754119

                           email:  fcolinfuller@aol.com 






Barclays Welfare Team at Willis Towers Watson have compiled an aide-memoire of what information may be required on the death of a member if benefits are then payable to another person. Certain important documents may be required by the Pension Fund Trustees to ensure that money is paid to the right persons. These documents include:-


The spouse or civil partner's original birth certificate.

The marriage or civil partnership certificate.

The pensioner's will (if there is one).

Documents that prove financial dependency (e.g. mortgage/rental arrangements, council tax and utility bills).

The death certificate, once received.

The spouse or civil partner's National Insurance Number.





The email address for Barclays Welfare Team from January 2016 is:- 














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